Alternatif Agricultural Products Ltd.  Izmir’de at the heart of the Turkish spice market, serving quality products since 1995. As a diversified supplier, we have over 20 years of experience in processing and exporting spices and herbs from Turkey. We know you want to stay competitive with the quality of products you sell and you want to keep your word with your clients. We believe in the same values and strive to establish a life long relationship. This is why a lot of our clients are working with us for life now.

“Quality is never an accident”  is our motto for a reason. We work hard to achieve it and we have a long history exporting spices and herbs everywhere in the world. We do not take trustworthiness lightly . We only produce and ship organically pure materials. We want you to be successful and we love to be part of you getting there.

We can produce to customer specifications in addition to our predefined product specifications. Our production facilities are located in Torbali, Izmir. Our production capacity is over 30 tons/day for seeds and over 3 tons/day for leaves.

Since the inception of our business we have managed to grow our business several fold with dedication to production quality and customer satisfaction in Europe and Middle East, we supply our products through both our broker network and direct sales channels. To obtain a list of our representative in Europe and elsewhere please contact us.