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Welcome to Alternatif Tarim

Purveyors of Premium Spices Since 1992

For over three decades, we at Alternatif Tarim have been dedicated to delivering an unmatched range of quality spices to the world. Our journey began in 1992, rooted in the rich traditions of spice cultivation and processing, and it has led us to become a leading manufacturer and exporter in the global spice industry.

From Farm to Your Kitchen

Our spices, cultivated in the rich soils of Turkiye, are carefully harvested and processed to capture their natural aroma and flavor. This attention to detail ensures the integrity and quality of our products, making us a trusted partner for customers across the globe.

Taste the Quality and Heritage

At Alternatif our heritage is a story of relentless passion, painstaking craftsmanship, and an enduring commitment to quality and service. These values have shaped our growth and global presence, and they continue to drive our commitment to our customers.

Welcome to Our World of Spices

We invite you to explore our ptoducts and experience the distinctive difference that quality and heritage bring to your table.

Thank you for trusting Alternatif Tarim.